(RIP) Jake Bernadino

Have a puff. It's natural.


Name: Jake Bernadino
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d6+2, Fighting d6, Lockpicking d6+2, Notice d6, Persuasion d4, Shooting d6, Stealth d8+2, Survival d4
Charisma: 0; Pace: 8; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5
Hindrances: Cautious, Habit (Major), Wanted (Minor)

  • Fleet-Footed: + 2 Pace, d10 running die instead of d6
  • Thief: + 2 Climb, Lockpick, Stealth, or to disarm traps

  • Backpack
  • Blanket
  • Bullets, Large (Includes .50 and most rifle rounds) x20
  • Canteen (waterskin)
  • Lighter
  • Lockpicks
  • Sawed-Off DB (12g) (Range 5/10/20, 1-3d6, RoF 1-2, Shots 2, See notes)
  • Survival knife (Str+d4, Contains supplies that add + 1 to Survival rolls)
  • Switchblade (Str+ d4, –2 to be Noticed if hidden)
  • $3

Jake was a small time criminal before the End Times. His skills at hiding and thieving help him to survive. He ran into Father Hoffman and figured him out real fast – he’s nuts. Jake says a few Hail Marys and crosses himself from time to time to keep the old guy happy. Hoffman is crazy – but Jake doesn’t want to be alone. Oh, and he’s very tolerant of Jake’s habit of smoking grass. God Bless, Amen.


(RIP) Jake Bernadino

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