Z-DAY: Undead Apocalypse

"We are the Champions"

Season 1: Episode 2

In this episode, it had been a week since Jake and Father Hoffman came upon Sarah and her son, Bryan along a stretch of highway somewhere in what used to be the state of Kansas.

The four survivors had managed to survive by avoiding as many of the undead as possible.

Wherever they found shelter, they stayed there as long as possible.

At one point, they heard a feral growl coming from somewhere near. It didn’t sound like anything they had ever heard before.

It may have been a wild animal of some kind. Ever since Z-Day, many of the zoos throughout the country had been abandoned. Many of the animals died, trapped in their pens or cages.

Some escaped and survived off other animals and humans alike.

Not wanting to find out what the thing that made the noise was, the four kept moving for the next few days.

Until they sighted something in the middle of a grassy field which caused them to stop in their tracks.

A military supply crate.

The survivors knew that in the past, military transport planes would fly through the Rotter Lands from the east and make supply drops.

It was an effort of what was left of the federal government to help the remaining survivors in America.

However, about a year ago the planes stopped flying across the Rotter Lands. The supply drops had suddenly and inexplicably stopped.

News was that the government had broken into two factions.

One was known as the Federal Commonwealth which was trying to rebuild the country starting from the east coast.

The other faction was called the United Protectorate, which established itself on the west coast.


The four carefully made their way to the supply crate. Even from a distance, they could tell that it was primarily intact. The nearby shell of a house was just a stone’s throw from the crate.

Suddenly, from across the large field, the four heard the sounds of others people.

There were six of them; five men and one woman. Each one wore regular clothes so clearly weren’t part of the military. All but one had pistols. One held an M-16.

“That crate belongs to the Governor and people of Dalesbury!” the man with the M-16 yelled from across the field.

The six then opened fire and starting rushing to the supply drop.

Jake, Father Hoffman, Sarah, and Bryan immediately returned fire and sought cover.

The firefight started to draw the attention of every infected in the area.

However, luck was on the survivors’ side.

No one was injured in the gunfight, while four of the others lay dead in the field. The man with the M-16, who was wounded in an exchange of bullets and shotgun shells with Father Hoffman, and one other managed to escape.

The M-16 man vowed to return and find the survivors and kill them all for what they did to the others.

Not wasting time due to the zombies attracted by the gunfight, the four survivors quickly opened the supply cache.

Inside they found enough MREs and water to last them a week. Included in the supply drop were an AK-47 (fully loaded), extra ammo, RPG 7 with 2 shots, and 3 frag grenades.

Because the RPG 7 was too bulky for the four to carry, Jake buried it in a spot he could remember.

They then took the rest with them and left the field, and the dead members of Dalesbury, behind them.


Jake Bernadino

Father Hoffman

Sarah James

Bryan James



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