Z-DAY: Undead Apocalypse

"Fight the Good Fight"

Season 1: Episode 6

(RIP) John Buckley (NPC Ally)

Without Jake, the other survivors continued following the fast-moving undead north.

After having briefly lost sight of the fleeing undead, the group found them again.

To everyone’s horror, the seven undead had joined with seven more!

Just as terrifying was the fact that the undead horde was armed.

Each held a crossbow.

The survivors saw the undead taking the tips of their crossbow bolts and lacing it with infected fluids from their bodies.

This horrified the survivors. But thanks to Father Hoffman sharing a joke about vegan zombies, they were able to remain calm.

Just as the survivors were about to move, five of the undead left the other nine.

The five headed west.

Among the undead that remained was the one that held the metal cylinder.

The remaining nine seemed to be communicating.

The survivors had for years heard about Rotters but had never been this close to them before.

Now they knew just how bleak the future was considering just how many of these intelligent undead were in the Rotter Lands!


The survivors opened the attack by taking shots at the nine Rotters.

The Rotters immediately took cover and returned fire.

During the battle, the survivors’ gunfire drew shamblers into the area.

Kratos, who was fast on his feet, charged at the Rotter with the metal cylinder.

He tried to take the cylinder but the Rotter held tightly to it.

With shamblers coming closer, Kratos, now surrounded by two Rotters tried again and this time managed to wrestle the cylinder from the Rotter’s hands.

Kratos then quickly ran back to the horses as fast as he could.

The others kept fighting the Rotters.

Unfortunately, John Buckley, one of the survivors from Dalesbury was bitten and killed by a Rotter. The same Rotter was later put down by Father Hoffman and Ron Rosen.

With all of the Rotters slain, the group were able to make it to their horses and escape without having to deal with the shamblers.

The group would later report to Governor Yardley back in Fowler, that besides the Rotters being difficult to slay, they witnessed—first hand—how shamblers had not attacked Rotters.

In fact, the rotters communicated with the shamblers and ordered them to help!



Isabella Blessing

Father Hoffman

Ron Rosen


Tom Cook



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